7 age old career advice you should ignore today

I’m 32, recently unemployed, and starting over.

I’m in a yoga retreat in Thailand with my savings and an open mind because sitting at home on the couch was not really a great option.

It’s glorious.

It’s also scary AF.

I have all the time in the world to think, to reflect, and look at where I am today. Advice is a funny thing. It’s only as useful as you know how to wield it. Looking back, there are a few choice pieces of advice I probably should have thought through differently.

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A Typeface By Any Other Name Still Reads As Sweet

An early childhood quirk I picked up was a refusal to read any book that was printed in a font I didn’t like. My theory was that if it wasn’t nice at first glance I probably wouldn’t like to read 500 pages of words dressed in it. 

This unfortunate mistake didn’t last very long, as you can well imagine, even as I disagreed with books printed in typefaces akin to the Times New Roman style. 

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Originally published on DesignTaxi, 05 May 2008

A Utopian Manifestation

Steadily the architectural landscape of our society is changing. Buildings are steep, sharp lines cutting through an urban landscape, a far cry from the blue shutters and picket fences of yesteryear. In a daring landscape that is changing with the desires of artists, designers and architects alike, aesthetic values saturate our everyday lives from designer wireless kettles to designer monolithic museums and concert halls. 

Last week, I looked at prefabricated architecture with renewed interest. Once a stopgap housing solution, architects are using prefab buildings to push the envelope in creative spaces and realize fresh possibilities in environmental sustainability. If so, why do I not see more architects jumping on the bandwagon of churning out such homes? 

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Originally published on DesignTaxi, 14 April 2008