No lumbar support here either but not complaining, ok? 

No lumbar support here either but not complaining, ok? 

Most recently I was a social media strategist with Uber, previously a strategy director with Ogilvy & Mather.

Since Uber exited South-East Asia and gave up their operations to a competitor, I’m 32, unemployed, with a rapidly depleting savings account as I try and rediscover the person before I had a job.

So I am not here to give you advice to make you the CEO of the next Google or to be successful, obviously.

Instead -  

I’m in a yoga retreat in Thailand to unwind all the stiff muscle joints I locked while hunched over a desk 8 hours a day.

I’m writing this on a beach. My phone’s pinging with messages of friends’ updates on their work day. I forgot it’s Monday afternoon and that I kinda hate the beach but I am here because the alternative was my couch.

I’m in a mid-life crisis, on the lookout for a smashing therapist, and navigating life the best I can. 

These are the stories you will get; cannot tell you if it will be a tragedy but it most certainly will be a comedy. 

See my portfolio or contact me to chat about social media content strategies and campaign planning. I do that too. 

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