how to maximise your enjoyment at the Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

There are so many differing opinions on whether the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is a worthy place to visit and you won't know until you see it for yourself. It's weird, wacky and IMO, super awesome. It's an expensive ticket hence most people would think it's not worth the price, but consider this: the lounge is outfitted in the most insane decor and the show itself is bonkers. It's the only place in Tokyo you can get actual gigantic robots! wresting! pandas! It's got breakdancers a la Tron, the most intense moving props and costume sets, and for Godzilla fans, a large flying Mothra. It's an experience you're not going to get anywhere else. 


Buy your Robot Restaurant tickets online

The original price of the ticket is ¥8,000 (~USD70), but you can get discounts on sites like Klook or Voyagin for up to 23%. You can get your ticket at the door too but since it's a popular show, it's frequently sold out. Getting your ticket earlier guarantees you a seat to this madness. The restaurant is located amongst the heady lights of Shinjuku, Tokyo, so it's hard to miss and there's plenty to do in this area.  

Don't eat the food 

For 2 reasons.

#1: it's really not very good. The food options are bento boxes which look like cheap eats you could grab from the train station, so I really don't recommend at any price. You can get beer and popcorn during intermission instead. 

#2: you won't have the space! There is no stage, instead you're ushered into a long room in the basement with 3 rows of seats on each side. The seats are packed pretty tight together with a small side table like you're in school. And once the show gets going, you're really not going to want to be distracted from whatever is happening in front of you since your eyes won't be able to keep up with all of it. 


Arrive at least 45 mins early 

The entrance to the building is tiny and you'll have to queue to collect your ticket if everyone arrives at the recommended time of 30 minutes early. The bonus of showing up early is skipping the lines but the real reason is really so you can grab a beer and sit in their lounge. It's a crazy place. Supposedly they've spent a few cool million outfitting this lounge. There are comfy but unnecessarily ornate gold chairs where you can sit back to enjoy a beer while going slightly dizzy from all the bright lights. Frankly this itself is an experience and quite wonderful to hang out in, thought it always gets super crowded when folks start rolling in to wait for the show. The robot band is endlessly entertaining with their perky tunes, we were sipping beer and listening to a bizarre jamming of Star Wars' theme song. 

Go more than once

The show has plenty to offer: lights, lasers, dancing, humour, and epic robot smack downs. There are some rotations to the different segments as well so the day and night shows might have some different spectacle for you to enjoy.  


Gear up 

What I didn't know before I went was that you were free to photograph and video the show (not the whole thing of course). However there's just so much going on that you end up not doing any of those things so you can really enjoy the performance. I sometimes leave my DSLR at the hotel at night since I'm not likely to get any good shots, but here at Robot Restaurant you're going to want to have your good cam with you. Still, it's so glaringly bright with neon lights that whatever you get on your mobile is still pretty rad! 


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