Out of Office: Anna, Venture and Eat

Our Out of Office weekly feature profiles brave souls who have taken the plunge in balancing both a career in a 9-6 full time as well as pursuing a fulfilling travel lifestyle.


Anna is a NYC-based travel + food blogger at Venture & Eat. She works at a 9-5 in social media where she also gets to travel and eat. Her life goals include eating her way through every city on her bucket list and adopting as many dogs as possible.

1. Where do you work and what’s your role? 

I work on the Social Strategy team for KitchenAid at DigitasLBi in New York. On a day-to-day basis, I oversee The Kitchenthusiast™, work with bloggers/influencers, write social copy, create social media plans for events like Austin Food + Wine, and create a lot of Instagram Stories. In short, I get to eat, drink, travel, and work in social.

2. Tell us something interesting about you people don’t know.

I have pretty bad anxiety that causes me to procrastinate a lot. I usually combat this by being over prepared and by creating To Do lists.

3. How many days of leave do you have?

I have two weeks of vacation, 17 holidays, 9 flex days (which we can use for whatever we want), and unlimited sick days.

Malibu, California — An escape from the east coast

Malibu, California — An escape from the east coast

4. How many trips do you take a year for leisure?

I take at least three leisure trips a year. My boyfriend’s family is from LA, so we’ve been visiting at least twice a year. I usually plan a week long international trip at some point, and choose them based off of travel time, work timing, and cost. Last year, coincidentally, I was able to go to Paris and Barcelona between jobs (this was planned before I quit!).

5. What’s your most memorable moment on a short trip?

My most memorable moment on a short trip was my three day trip to Barcelona with my boyfriend. I wanted to time visiting La Sagrada Familia with the sunset, and it was the most unreal experience. If you haven’t been, the stain glass inside the church reflects different vibrancies of colors depending on the time of day. Right before sunset was stunning, and I was so happy that I got to experience this with him. This was our first international trip together, so it was even more special. It’s definitely not our last trip one together either!

6. What’s the one thing you’ve learnt in your job that travelling won’t teach you?

Finding the right mentor, whether it’s at work or just in your network, can go a long way. Having someone guide you, especially in the field you’re working in, shapes how and when you can achieve your goals. It’s great to have people fully believe in you, but you also need that one person to bring you back to reality a little bit.

7. Conversely, what has travelling taught you that you won’t learn in your job?

Travel has taught me to always be open to things, whether it’s food, people or culture. I love learning about things that are different than what I’m used to, especially food. I find that being open to more things in life lets me think a bit more creatively when I’m in the office.

La Fortuna, Costa Rica — Repelling down a waterfall

La Fortuna, Costa Rica — Repelling down a waterfall

8. What’s your #1 tip about how to maximise travel out of your hectic schedule? 

My number one tip is to always take advantage of work trips. It doesn’t hurt to ask to extend to explore the city you’re visiting and make a mini vacation out of it. Taking long weekend trips more frequently also makes your itchy travel feet less itchy!

9. What are your guilty pleasures?

I binge order food from either Seamless or Caviar. What I mean by binge order is that I’ve ordered lunch and dinner in the same day. I’ve also ordered lunch and dinner from the same restaurant. At my old apartment, I ordered from the same place 3x/week that had the same delivery man every. single. time. He let me use his phone once when I got locked out without shoes, a bra, phone, and keys!

10. What goal are you hoping to achieve by end 2017?

Honestly, I really want to be able to find a balance between work and writing for my blog, including promoting on social. It has been really hard for me to go from work and then home to do almost the exact same thing. I know need to be better at managing and keeping goals for myself and for my blog.

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