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Our Out of Office weekly feature profiles brave souls who have taken the plunge in balancing both a career in a 9-6 full time as well as pursuing a fulfilling travel lifestyle. 

On top of the world in the Grand Canyon

On top of the world in the Grand Canyon

Hi! I’m Natasha Atlas and I’m a travel, entertainment and lifestyle blogger/vlogger based in London. I move from my hometown in the north of England to London in January 2016 for a travel job. I love film and TV as well as travel. I actually have a degree in TV production management. I have over 1000 DVDs plus Netflix and NowTV, yet I still can’t find a film to watch at night? I also love playing hockey, baking and of course travelling. I’ve seen half the states but I want to get more countries under my belt so I am currently challenging myself to go to a different country every month and keep my job. Just to prove you don’t have to quit your job to travel the world.

1. Where do you work and what’s your role?

I work for a travel company based in London. I do sales but I also help with their social media which is why I took the job. I want to learn more about the marketing side of things. I look after their social media channels, I even launched their Snapchat last year which was a huge success and create content for their YouTube channel.

2. Tell us something interesting about you that people don’t know.

I use to live in Germany when I was little. My dad was in the British army and we were based in Nuremburg. I could speak fluent German and I drove a tank when I was only 6 years old!

3. You’re almost halfway through your “travel every month this year” project! What have you learnt so far? Is this something you could do every year?

So far, I have learnt that the places I was looking forward to the most actually let me down and the places I was going to just go were actually the most enjoyable. Maybe I just built them up in my head too much but mostly I think spare of the moment and not having so much time to plan everything was better for me. I am super organised and get anxious very easily but just going to a new place without planning where to go actually felt more enjoyable than I realised.

I think I could potentially do this every year. I will have to see. You never know where the year will take me. I might even quit my job and go travelling full time? Not sure on that right now though. I do like my job!

Feeling smaller than normal in Monument Valley

Feeling smaller than normal in Monument Valley

4. What’s your #1 tip about how to balance work and travel?

I think the best part of my challenge is that I have something to look forward to every month. So when I come back it’s only a few weeks till the next trip. So work isn’t getting to me as much. Last year, I spent most of the year going to work then going home, eat, sleep and back to work. It was a horrendous endless cycle (I was saving to move out into a better place in London). Having something to look forward gave me more motivation to work harder so I could save for something amazing. I feel that I get very grumpy if I am sat at my desk months on end with nothing to focus on in my personal life. The happier I am outside work, the better I am in work. Circle of life.

5. What’s your most memorable moment on a short trip?

I went to Amsterdam for 3 days in February and on my last night I stayed up for hours talking to all the girls in my hostel room. They were students travelling Europe and working on their English. They were hilarious.

6. Why is travelling important to you?

It’s a part of who I am. Not just for work but what I really enjoy. I am at my happiest when I am out exploring the world.

Checking out amazing architecture in Barcelona

Checking out amazing architecture in Barcelona

Making friends with Zebras in South Africa

Making friends with Zebras in South Africa

7. What’s the one thing you’ve learnt in your job that travelling won’t teach you?

Prioritising. Sounds odd but it helps in life and travelling. Some days it’s not possible to do everything you want to do. I get over a hundred emails some days and I can’t answer them all. So I prioritise. This helps with travelling too. Sometimes you can’t do everything you want to do in one day. So prioritising helps you see everything you want to see more than others.

8. Conversely, what has travelling taught you that you won’t learn in your job?

How brave I can be. You can feel safe behind a desk but out in the world you’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Freedom to be the person you want to be. No rules.

9. If you could give advice to your younger self what would you say?

Everything is going to be ok. Being different is ok. Don’t listen to your English teacher or career counsellor! They’re idiots!

10. What is your most memorable trip?

My TrekAmerica trip last year! I saved for nearly 2 years to do it with nearly no social life and it was totally worth it! Best trip ever!!! I vlogged the whole trip here

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