'local' Thai food you've never tried before

The Local's ethos is based on a simple theory of preservation: recipes passed down from generations of chefs, cooks, grandmothers. Some of these recipes are royal in origin, having been created for Kings in the royal kitchens. Some are more homely, kept close to the hearts of families and passed along to the Local's chefs to recreate.


There's an ala carte and a special menu with a few mainstays and a few seasonally available items. It disappointed only once, when we ordered the 1/2KG grilled lobster with dipping sauce which didn't turn out to be anything spectacular. Everything else, however, is a treasure. Here's what we loved:

According to the menu, this standout dish is an old recipe of ML Neung Ninrat, a cook in the Rama V royal court. Gang Lun Juan seems to be a descriptive name or taste that locals associate with this dish. Can't seem to find the translation for the term, suppose it's a colloquial term of sorts? The dish in indeed marvellously addictive and frankly the second best out of the whole lot.


The southern style stewed pork was fork tender and braised up to four hours, the consistency a little like rendang. It's reminiscent of Hakka or Peranakan dishes if you're familiar.

The Home-made Yellow Curry with Crab and Wild Betel Leaves in Fresh Coconut Milk is creamy and indulgent, a tad spicy for some. It's more gravy than I prefer, I like my yellow curry a little drier, but this is was very tasty and thick with flavour.


The real star of our meals is always Bai Cha Kram salad, we have this dish EVERY TIME we eat at the Local. As the description goes, it's made with local vegetables grown in brackish water. It's lovingly cuddled in coconut cream, shredded chicken and fried shallots. We couldn't stop spooning this onto our plates of rice.

Their cocktails are quite good too, and we tend to have a few lemongrass drinks to go with our meal to round out our evening. Let me know what else is a don't miss if you've been here!