Our Lisbon

Portugal is often compared (in my head) to Spain, with so many similarities in its food, Moorish influence in its architecture, and its history. When I visited Lisbon it was such an eye opener to this beautiful place that never really existed for me (again, in my head), and I fell in love with Lisbon's rustic beauty and unique character. I stayed in Lisbon's old town for a better part of a week and visited Belem - for its churches and original Portuguese egg tarts and Sintra - for its incredible castles - on day trips. There's a wonderful train system connecting the towns which makes it all very accessible. There's a lot more to Portugal that I've yet to explore and understand, their sad folk songs and their people, their blended history and their way of life. Lisbon is an incredible place to visit, I adored the culture and the architecture and the city's vibes, and here's the way I know best to show you how much. 

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