Pretty much everything on my blog is a from-memory archive of many restaurants, lots of destinations around the world and some randomness. I've never been able to post every single goddamn thing about my life here, don't think I'm hardwired that way. Which is why there's not a lot more writing on this blog, and where it is in some ways, still very private and disconnected. My views, my inner life, all a little bit close to heart while I document everything else I might one day forget. I'm a fan of Marysia of My Travel Affairs, whose blog covers everything about travel. I love the authenticity and sincerity of her stories, and am most honoured to be featured in her Friday Lens Affair series, where I've had the chance to discover other interesting photographic journeys. I shared a photo from my Beirut collection, as you can see above, with a little story behind the scenes as well. It's one I never really thought to write here, since my blog is more visual, but being featured gave me a chance to think, and to put to words (very inadequately) a little piece of how Beirut has affected me. I'm number #77, check it out here. Thanks again, Marysia!