10 “age old” career advice you should ignore

I’m 32, recently unemployed, with a rapidly depleting savings account.

I’m in a yoga retreat in Thailand to unwind all the stiff muscle joints I locked while hunched over a desk 8 hours a day.

I’m writing this on a beach. My phone’s pinging with messages of friends’ updates on their work day. I forgot it’s Monday afternoon and that I kinda hate the beach but I am here because the alternative was my couch.

It’s glorious.

Because I have all the time in the world now to think about things and not be bitter about any of them, I recently re-looked at and shed 10 pieces of advice I received when I was starting out — things you shouldn’t listen to today.

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Health, Wealth & Self: Things I Wish I Knew in my 20s

Two months ago I lost my job.

Uber sold its South-East Asia operations to competitor Grab and I was made abruptly redundant in a matter of hours. I was suddenly forced to confront choices I never thought I’d have to make. I wasn’t in immediate dire financial need, but unemployment would cripple me in months. My career was built in the last decade, but it no longer fulfilled me enough to continue.

I had an opportunity to rethink what I wanted for my next decade. What sort of person did I want to be when I hit 40? While I wrestled with my situation I reflected on what led me here, and what I wished I knew in my 20s.

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