You’re always you, and that don’t change, and you’re always changing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
— Neil Gaiman

You know, this page is hard to write. I have had about fifteen drafts and I still think there is more to write.

It once had “five random facts about me”, then “Ten things you don’t know about me”, and an assortment of other bits. 

But I started this space for a reason, so I might as well write some backstory here.

In early 2017 I’d put in my resignation in a job I had for 4 years, and I was about to set adrift into the nothingness for a 3 month sabbatical. This poorly planned sabbatical, while filled with R&R of the best kind (travel), it didn’t quite feed my soul as much as I thought it would. 

Turns out, I craved work. A job was a poor substitute for purpose.

I quickly joined another company for a great pay check and just as quickly turned in my resignation when I realised it was a soul-sucking endeavour. That was the one time I accepted a job for money and stability and will never do it again. 

This space was born immediately after that. In its first iteration I called it “NineTwobySix”, after my life path, destiny and character numerology numbers. I’ve always been interested in the spiritual and I had a tarot reading about a year ago which gave me my numbers. The blog started out as a travel page with one mission - to help others pursue a full, satisfying travel life without thinking of it as an escape, as most people commonly do. I’ve been travelling for years and years - for both work and play - and the one thing I learnt was thinking of travel as an escape only made you devalue your daily life, and sometimes, put too unrealistic an expectation on travelling. It was more than tourism and I wanted to share that. 

I also used the space as a recovery process, a slow introspective performance art piece of sorts to unlock my thoughts. Fully realising this at the back of my mind, I’d become incredibly jaded after my decade of work, and it showed in what I said, thought, wore, and did. I was too caustic, too cynical, dressed all in black all the time (I looked great though and don’t hate it, black’s my colour), and lived for work. I’d lost the ability to enjoy most things. 

Shortly after, an opportunity with Uber came about. This was a role I was wildly excited about and the blog was neglected. 8 months later, Uber sold its South-East Asian operations, sold me and a few thousand of its employees, and I found myself adrift again. Fate would have it, it was exactly 12 months from when I started this site.  

Like a prodigal writer, I came back to this space. 

I wonder why I always run back here when it always seems to be abandoned the minute I have something else in my life. What started as a space for inspiration, healing, motivation, was quickly thrown aside when a “real” job came about and I felt validated. In moments of uncertainty however I feel most strongly the need to create - words, pictures, ideas, videos - all of which end up here in various forms. I realised that this output was part of an inspirational healing process that I had to continue.

My journey has been coming to terms that there is no such thing as the right job for anyone - it is what you make of it. You are as successful as you feel and what you do at any moment, not what you think you are not and strive to be.  

I wanted to set out to find that for myself and to find my own definition of a good life: being financial responsible, deliberate purposeful living, spiritual urbanism. I wanted to stop wanting to escape.

I rebranded the site (admittedly because in a moment of Instagram stupidity I got locked out of @Ninetwobysix so I had to). That’s gone now. Yes I am a July baby, and since this was a journey about rediscovering self identity, this blog name seemed apt. I am from somewhere. Where that is, I have yet to figure out. More than a job, more than a birth month, more than a country? 

So here we are.